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Scaling up Competition Law Advocacy in India through Roadshows

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a statutory body established under the Competition Act, 2002 to eliminate practices having adverse effect on competition, promote and sustain competition, protect the interests of consumers and ensure freedom of trade carried on by other participants in markets in India. The Commission is mandated under Section 49 of the Act to take suitable measures for the promotion of competition advocacy, creating awareness and imparting training about competition issues.

Among the many advocacy initiatives undertaken by the Commission for this purpose, is a series of Roadshows which are currently being organised in different parts of the country. The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), a think tank under the aegis of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, is the Implementation Partner to the Roadshows at different locations in the country.

What do Roadshows seek to achieve?

The Roadshows provide a platform for vital dialogue between the stakeholders and the Commission on different perspectives and views related to latest developments in the competition enforcement. The Roadshows also seek to provide a unique platform to various stakeholders to engage in an active discussion with the policymakers and the industry on various competition law issues.

Roadshows conducted so far:

1. The first Roadshow organised ■ 15th October 2018 ■ Mumbai

       Report     Photographs       Video

2. The second Roadshow – National Conference on Public Procurement and
    Competition Law ■ 5 th November 2018 ■ Delhi

       Report     Photographs       Video

3. The third Roadshow on Competition Law ■ 18 th December 2018 ■ Ahmedabad

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The Forth roadshow is scheduled to be conducted in Hyderabad on 25th February 2019. The draft agenda can be found here.

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Past Programmes

    Report  Photographs  Video

    Report  Photographs  Video
  • 3rd Roadshow on Competition Law, Ahmedabad
    Report  Photographs 

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