Executive Programme in Public Policy

(Corporate Affairs)

About IICA

Established as a think tank for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs was set-up in 2008 to advance thought leadership in the Indian business environment through research, capacity building & advocacy efforts. Since its inception, the IICA continues to attract and train highly talented, innovative, entrepreneurial, ambitious and open-minded leaders in India. Characterized by pedagogical innovation, strong corporate connections and a rigorous academic environment, programmes and initiatives developed at IICA are purpose built to transform our participants to serve as architects of a responsible world. IICA Faculty members originate from all walks of life with some of the best academic and industry exposure from around the world. This promotes the diversity of thought and culture, the open-mindedness and the rigorous intellectual standards that are the core values of IICA. The academic expertise of the core faculty is strengthened by the adjunct professors from industry who share their academic and professional expertise with the program participants.

About the School

The School of Corporate Governance & Public Policy is a research centre at Indian Institute of Corporate affairs dedicated to the promotion of high quality research work, advocacy and capacity building impacting the lives of people at large and preparing future leaders in the sphere of Public Policy and Corporate governance. It encourages robust and effective decision making through setting up processes, practices, setting up policies and good governance in the 21st century with multiple stakeholders in public and private sectors. The school strongly believes in promotion of principles, policies, procedures, defined responsibilities, and accountabilities used by stakeholders to work through the inherent conflicts of interest that exist in the contemporary corporate world.

The school has collaborations with practitioners of Public Policy, Governance, Think Tanks, and Corporate executives with the objective to create sustainably prosperous corporate governance by promotion of cutting edge research, good governance practices and through academic and executive program


Public policy in India an introduction - a practitioner’s analysis, Introduction to key Meta institutions, Stages in Policy making

Differing institutional environments and Public Policy, Policy perspective to several legislations affecting Indian Corporations, The evolution of the operational form of corporate regulation in various countries. Developing corporate communications strategies for Public Policy

Various approaches in Public Policy Analysis Research design to gain policy insights, leveraging big-data for public affairs, Data analysis to gain insights and derive potential action items and opportunities for your company. Generating arguments and supporting information for use in public discourse.

Micro Economic Concepts, Understanding Economic system, socio economic challenges, Legislative challenges

Evolving face of 21stcentury corporations & governance systems Challenges in adopting High- Tech systems using AI from a policy perspective. Shifting paradigms in the business ecosystem. Evolution of Inter-disciplinary drivers & forces

Mastering government affairs, Crisis communications, protecting corporate reputation Spotlight on sustainability & responsible business conduct. Sharpening ability to connect & influence people

Peer learning

peer group with immense experience in governance, Data analysts, Multilateral agencies


4 Month Online Study

World Class learning through Learning Management System


Curated Materials

Study materials, assignments presentation developed by experts in their fields


Master Classes

Master Classes through global Faculty & practitioners


Recorded Sessions

Recording of all the sessions available through out the course


Certification from Think Tank MCA, Govt of India

Helping you become a Globally acknoledged Professional


Concepts Domains Skills
Evidence in Public Policy Cross disciplinary Perspective Reading and writing Analytically
Policy Communications Develop and analyze Policies based on data Data Analysis
Legislative regulations governing corporate affairs Legislature, Jurisprudence, Corporate governance Law, Indian Polity, Indian Policy challenges to corporations
Indian Economy in the Globalized world Macro economy, social equity, socio Political challenges Basic Economic concepts, Development Economy
Research Design relating to Public Policy Policy outcome, decision making based on data Research based output, averting mistakes and Pitfalls
Policy Challenges in 21st century Impact of AI, Shifting paradigms, Tech Impact on Business in 21st century Acclimatize and adapt Changes Leadership, Decision making
Corporate Good Governance Social Equity and Equitable distribution
Improving Public Leadership and Management Indian Legislations regulating corporate affairs
Enhancing Sustainability Promoting equitable, inclusive & sustainable solutions- public governance.
Impactful Policy Communications Data Analysis and its role
Ethical policy framework relating to Artificial Intelligence
Eligibility Criteria
Professionals having a minimum of 3 years of work experience.
Course Duration
4 Months Virtual
Frequency of classes
Twice a week of 90 Minutes duration


Application Form to be filled up

Course Fee - INR 82,500/- + applicable taxes per participant


Any extra payment due to any change in any of the applicable taxes during the tenure of the programme will have to be borne by the students

Course fee remitted is not refundable however alternate nomination from the same organization may be considered at the discretion of IICA

Mode of Payment – Online or Net banking

Online Registration

Last date of Registration October 16, 2023

Program Commencement November, 2023

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