The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA)

The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs established by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India, is a think tank which supports the initiatives of the Ministry on all matters relating to Corporate Affairs. Key activities carried out by IICA include induction and in-service training to Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) officers, capacity-building and training programmes, public policy advisory functions, public outreach and stakeholder consultations through seminars, conferences and forums. In particular, anticipating corporate needs for better ease of doing business, reviewing corporate laws to meet the challenges of an ever evolving business environment, exploring new paradigms such as investor education, and periodic review of corporate governance norms and best practices are some of the more recent, prominent initiatives spearheaded by the institute. IICA imparts knowledge and training through its network of schools and centres are follows:

Schools: School of Corporate Governance & Public Policy (SoCGPP); School of Competition Law & market Regulation (SoCLMR); School of Corporate Law (SoCL) & School of Finance (SoF).

Centres: Centre for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise (MSME); Centre for Business Innovation, Incubation & Skill Development (BIISD); Centre for Institutional Partnerships and Corporate Communications (IPCC), Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD), Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy, Centre for Independent Directors & National Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility (NFCSR).

Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy

India is in the process of establishing a robust insolvency framework with the enactment of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016. The Code has made rapid strides in short time and is one of the success stories of recent Indian economic reforms. A first in India, the Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy has been set up as an apex institute of learning in insolvency through education and training by active stakeholder engagement and participation.

The GIP will be delivered through the Centre and its initiatives.

The Centre will also serve as an apex school of learning on insolvency and related areas, in association with the key stakeholders and institutions. The Chairs will be headed by eminent experts and thinkers who will lead the thinking and execution by the Centre.

Insolvency Research Foundation

It is well recognized that an efficient insolvency law is vital to stability in financial systems and fundamental to economic growth and wealth creation. It is therefore crucial to continue to invest in the development of this law by studying its impact, and investigate its strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. In advanced counties, academics play a very important role in supporting policy development, industry research and finding innovative solutions.

Insolvency Research Foundation (IRF) has been established by IICA, in partnership with SIPI, an insolvency think tank, as an independent research centre to serve public good and help in robust policy making based on deep research.

IRF also aims to develop a community in pursuit of scholarship in the field of insolvency. It will seek to strengthen the interaction between government and academics in public policy making. Its activities will lead to emergence of a cadre of scholars and a robust network of academics, scholars and jurists in the area of insolvency.

IRF will support the Centre for Insolvency and Bankruptcy and feed into the technical content of GIP the foundation will gather support from the corporate houses for its research and other academic activities through the Corporate Social Responsibility wing of such houses.

The first of its kind in the world, IRF strives to complement India's aspirations to climb up the Ease of Doing Business ranking.

Research Chairs

Research Chairs have been set up regulators including Reserve Bank of India, State Bank of India and Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India. India’s prominent law school, National Law School of India University, Bangalore has also set up NLSIU Chair which is being held by Dr. Rahul Singh.

The purpose of these chairs is to steer research and advocacy on insolvency and create and mobilizing knowledge through research excellence.

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The NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY (NLSIU) came into existence through a Notification under the NATIONAL LAW SCHOOL OF INDIA UNIVERSITY Act (Karnataka Act 22 of 1986). It signified the culmination of efforts by the Judiciary, the Bar Council of India, the Karnataka Bar Council, the Bangalore University and the Government of Karnataka to reform legal education and to establish a center of excellence for legal education and research in India.

NLSIU is India's most pre-eminent law school and has produced a top cadre of lawyers in India.

Dr. Rahul Singh is the NLSIU Chair Professor.

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Advisory Board

Justice A.K. Sikri

Former Judge, Supreme Court of India (Chair)

Dr. K.V. Subramanian

Chief Economic Advisor, Government of India

Dr. Paul J. Omar

De Montfort University, UK

Shri Arvind P. Datar

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Mr. Scott Atkins

Norton Rose Fulbright, Australia

Dr. M.S. Sahoo

Chairperson, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (Permanent Invitee)

Shri Praveen Kumar

Director General & CEO, IICA, (Permanent Invitee)

Shri Sumant Batra

Insolvency Expert (Permanent Invitee)

Academic Council

Shri Praveen Kumar

Director General & CEO,
Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs

Mr. Parag Tripathi

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Dr. Anuradha Guru

Chief General Manager
Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India

Mr. Abizer Diwanji

(Course Director)
Partner and Head of Restructuring Practice Ernst & Young

Shri Vijay Kumar Iyer

Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP

Shri Ramji Srinivasan

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Ms. Mamta Binani

Former President
Indian Institute of Company Secretaries

Dr. Pyla Narayana Rao

Associate Professor
School of Corporate Law
Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA)