External Resources utilised by ICLS Academy:-

CLS Probationary officers are also attached with following reputed Institutes which enable them to understand the functionality and legality of the various issues relating to Finance, Accounts, Law, Securities markets, Administrative matters, Economics, Human Resource Management etc. and help them to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to perform their duties effectively and efficiently as corporate regulators:-

  Ministry of Corporate Affairs – The ICLS Academy, IICA at Manesar was established by Ministry of Corporate Affairs to impart training to ICLS Officers/officials. The ICLS Academy conducts theTraining Programmes viz. InductionTraining Programme for ICLS Probationary officers, Mid CareerTraining Programmes for SAG/JAG/STS/JTS level of officers/officials, MandatoryTraining Programme for Senior Technical Assistants (STAs), training to the officers/officials of the offices of Official Liquidator in the country. Schedule/Module for Induction Training is approved by the Ministry. Approval for conducting anyTraining Programme, nomination of officers/officials for attending theTraining Programme is also approved by the Ministry.

  National Institute of Finance Management –NIFM is an Institute located at Faridabad, Haryana, and impart training on Financial Management, Public Financial Management etc. ICLS POs are attached with NIFM who impart training on Financial Management, Costing, Corporate Balance sheet, Ratio Analysis, Public Procurement, Corporate and Business Laws, Cyber Security etc., which helps the Probationers to get professional knowledge to understand the issues better way. (Training duration – 5 days.)

  National Institute of Securities Markets - NISM is a Public Trust established by SEBI. An MOU for three years has been signed between IICA & NISM to train participants of each other’s organisation in the field of Corporate Laws and Securities Markets. (Training duration 3 – 5 days.)

  Gujarat National Law University, Ahmedabad has faculties who are having expertise on topics Oppression & Mismanagement, Merger & Acquisition, amalgamation, Corporate restructuring, reduction of capital and Banking Mergers etc. ICLS Academy, IICA invited the faculties to teach ICLS POs and officers on these subjects. (Training duration 2 – 3 days.)

  Institute of Secretariat Training & Management – ISTM is a part of DoPT. The mandate of the Institute is to impart training to officers of Central Secretariat Service (CSS). ICLS POs are attached with ISTM to cover various topics which enables them to understand the basics of functioning and procedure in Central Government. (Training duration - 5 days.)

  Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training – BPST is organisingTraining Programmes for elected members of Parliament, Legislative Assemblies to make them familiar with the Parliamentary procedure. They are also arrangingTraining Programmes for most of the Civil Services. The ICLS POs are attached to BPST to understand the functionality and procedure being adopted in Parliament. (Training duration 3 days.)

  Company Law Board – The Company Law Board is quasi judicial body exercising equitable jurisdiction which was earlier being exercised by the High Court or Central Government. The ICLS Probationers are attached with CLB to get practical experience and knowledge regarding functioning of Principal Bench, and Regional Bench of CLB at Delhi and also attend proceedings before both the Benches. (Training duration 2 – 3 days.)

   Serious Fraud Investigation Office – SFIO is a multi-disciplinary organisation to investigate Serious Financial Frauds. The ICLS Probationers are attached with SFIO to get exposure during their Training at SFIO by way of presentation of Executive Summaries of Investigation involving major Frauds, Techniques used and introduction to functioning of Forensic Lab etc. (Training duration 2 – 3 days.)

  National Academy of Custom, Excise and Narcotic – The Academy is an apex Institute of Government of India for Capacity building in the field of indirect taxation. The ICLS Probationers ae attached with the Institute to get exposure on topics viz., Custom Act and its administration, Central Excise Act and its administration, Service Tax and its administration, Concept of Goods and Service Tax, Investigation and Enforcement framework for indirect taxes, Sharing of Economic Intelligence at Regional level, Functioning of Central Economic Intelligence Bureau and Regional Economic Intelligence Councils etc. (Training duration 2 – 3 days.)

  Field training (on-job-training) – During the 2nd Phase of InductionTraining Programme, POs are attached with the offices of Registrar of Companies, Official Liquidator and Regional Director for 65 working days. (30 working days each at ROC & OL and 05 working days at RD) to understand the working of these offices.

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