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“With our rich legal expertise, we can become a global leader in the field of solution by mediation. We can present a model to the whole world.”

Shri Narendra Modi

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

“Truly speaking, in mediation, everyone's a winner. Having said that, one has to admit that the concept is yet to find widespread acceptance across the country. Not enough trained mediators are available...

Shri Ram Nath Kovind

Former President of India

“To make the idea of access to justice effective, and user-centric, the need of the hour is the popularization of mediation.

N V Ramana

Former Chief Justice of India

“Mediation should be the preferred mode for litigation for commercial disputes, and this would not only lessen the burden of courts but also boost the confidence in the Indian legal system so that more investment can be attracted.”

Kiran Rijiju

Former Union Minister of Law & Justice

“Mediation is a vital cog to help expedite access to justice at every level of commercial and civil disputes. It will be incumbent upon all of us to help mediation benefit from a major increase in capacity, capability and training processes.

Amitabh Kant

Former CEO of NITI Aayog

Investment and trade, as important drivers of economic growth, are both affected significantly by conflict. Businesses are naturally averse to disputes and if disputes arise, they must be efficiently and effectively resolved for corporations to thrive. To attain economic development and boost national growth, there is a need to realign the conflict management ecosystem in India. Dispute resolution is the key that unlocks investment and effective dispute resolution ecosystem will help India in its vision to develop a business and investment friendly jurisdiction by creating more avenues for diffusing conflicts arising between parties.

The growth of mediation as a mode of dispute resolution is evident from the integration of mediation in almost all commercial dispute resolution laws from Section 442 of the Companies Act, 2013 to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. India is also a signatory to the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements resulting from Mediation - popularly known as ‘Singapore Convention’. The groundbreaking legislation - Mediation Bill 2021, which has been recently passed by the Indian Parliament, underscores the Government’s commitment to promoting alternative dispute resolution methods, positioning mediation as a pivotal means to swiftly and amicable settle disputes across various domains.

All these developments have amplified the need and demand of professionally trained mediators in the country. IICA, as a leading think tank of the Government of India, has been working proactively in developing the mediation ecosystem through world class training, research and advocacy. As the forefront institution in fostering excellence in mediation, we are dedicated to equipping our participants with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of conflict resolution.

Message from DG & CEO, IICA

IICA, in its pursuit of improving corporate governance and ease of doing business ecosystem, has been working on creating a business-friendly dispute resolution ecosystem wherein the stakeholders get a quick, cost-effective and simple mechanism for resolution of their disputes so that they can focus on their core competencies. I am glad to introduce the revamped flagship mediation and negotiation course namely, ‘IICAs Certified Mediator Program’.

This program stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment of equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for effective mediation, thereby contributing not only to their personal growth but also to the enhancement of the overall business landscape.

I wish all the participants a great learning experience.

Message from Program Director, IICA

I extend a warm welcome to all participants to our mediation and negotiation training program – ‘IICA Certified Mediator Program’. This meticulously curated training program blends theoretical and practical elements, including live video sessions by global and Indian mediation experts, immersive mediation simulations and enriching self-study materials.

Join us in this transformative journey where you will gain insights, practice and expertise that are invaluable in the field of mediation. I am excited to guide you through this comprehensive program and witness your growth as skilled mediators.

Prof (Dr) Naveen Sirohi


Program Video

Testimonial Video


The course has received nominations of delegates from the following organisations in the past:

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)
Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)
FICCI Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Commerce Income Tax Department
Bangladesh Central Bank Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission
National Board of Revenue Bangladesh


The mediation course is global in nature with participants and experts coming from the following countries:


Module 1 - Introduction to ADR & Mediation The module will lay the foundation of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.
Module 2 - Conflict The module will cover the conceptual understanding of the conflict along with its analysis and management. Participants will also be exposed to the emerging dimension of cost of conflict
Module 3 - Communication The module will explore techniques, approaches and skills for effective communication.
Module 4 - Negotiation The module will begin with negotiation fundamentals. It will then dive deep into negotiation phases, strategies, techniques and approaches.
Module 5 - Mediator and Related Stakeholders The module captures the role of mediator, parties and lawyers
Module 6 - Legal Framework The module will cover the legal and institutional frameworks related to mediation at both India and International level.
Module 7 - Mediation Process The module will enlighten the participants with the process of mediation, including pre-mediation stage, writing of settlement agreement and impasse.
Module 8 - Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) The module will traverse through the theory and practice around online dispute resolution and online mediation.
Module 9 - Mediator’s Edge The module intends to bring contemporary topics and practices related to mediation to give an edge to upcoming mediation like creating and claiming value, using nudge or behavioral insights for mediation success.
Module 10 - Learning Through Cases - Indian Context The module will expose participants with various private and public mediation cases from India like commercial, property, family business, industrial, community, public governance and inter-state/departments.
Module 11 - Learning Through Cases - International The module will introduce participants to various cross-border disputes like commercial, family, property, territorial/geopolitical, international trade etc and their resolution through mediation.
Module 12 - Practitioner’s Perspective / Master Classes Guest sessions by leading national and international experts and practitioners will be held in the final module to dive deep into the applied side of mediation.


Our faculty consists of experts drawn from a pool of global traniers and practitioners. :

Faculty & Guest Speakers (Subject to availablity/confirmation)
Andrew Miller KC
International Mediator & Adjunch Faculty, IICA
Jeff Kichaven
International Commercial
Laura Grisolano
Mediator & Conflict Management Consultant, USA
Sapna Jhangiani KC
Barrister, Advocate &
Nicholas Sadhu
Mediator and Lawyer
A J Jawad
Dispute Resolution Specialist
Ilan David Bass
Mediator and Trainer
Jeremy Lack
President Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation
Prof. (Dr.) Naveen Sirohi
Mediation Expert & Trainer
Shruti Singh
Negotiation Consultant
Shruti Khanijow
Partner, Shardul Amarchand
Mangaldas & Co
Prachi Mehta
Independent Mediator
Chitra Narayan
Mediator & Advocate
Akshay Jain
IMI Qualified
Siddharth Jha
Center Manager
Singapore International Mediation CEN.


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