IICA is offering an online learning and certification programme titled IICA Certified CSR Professional. The programme is uniquely designed to enable the learner to successfully conceptualize and establish a comprehensive CSR ecosystem for all kinds of businesses. The programme is also aimed at aiding responsible businesses keep abreast of the latest advancements in the field of CSR, and build the professional expertise required to achieve the objectives of CSR regulations in India. Notably, the Programme offers a unique blend of theoretical and experiential learning with a holistic approach to CSR, with the scope of its pedagogy covering the foundational basis of CSR to ultimately addressing contemporary advancements and industry best practices in the field of CSR.


We provide you opportunity to become certified CSR professional

9 month online study

Weekend sessions delivered through IICA e-Learning Management System

Practicum Sessions

Sessions delivered by domain experts from Ministry, Industry & Academia

Immersive Pedagogy

A unique blend of theory and Practice -IICA way of Learning

Capstone Projects

4 to 6 weeks of Corporate & Implementing Agency attachment

Contemporary & Relevant

Course Content covering 360 degree perspective of CSR

Recorded Sessions

Recordings available for convenience through out course


The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), an autonomous institute, works under the aegis of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to deliver opportunities for research, education, and advocacy. It is a think tank that curates a repository of data and knowledge for policy makers, regulators as well as other stakeholders working in the domain of Corporate Affairs. Key activities carried out by IICA include induction and in-service training to Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) officers, capacity building and training programmes, policy advisory functions, public outreach and stakeholder consultants through seminars, conference and forums.


School of Business Environment (SoBE), IICA is dedicated towards research,capacity building and policy advocacy in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business and Human Rights (BHR). The SoBE intends to create knowledge through applied and conceptual research,relevant to policy makers,business ecosystem and society along with its underlying disciplines, and to disseminate such knowledge through publications and capacity building programmes.


In order to enrol in the course, candidates have to apply online and follow the 2-step process explained below -

Course fee Payment (Course fee for)

* Individual Candidates – Rs. 1,29,800/- (INR 1,10,000 + 18% GST)

* Sponsored Candidate – Rs,1,88,800/- (INR 1,60,000 + 18% GST)

Payment Options (applicable only for Individual candidates)

* Lumpsum Payment:- Course fee payable - Rs.1,16,820/- (after 10% discount on total fees) (INR 99,000 + 18% GST)

Instalment Payment:- Course fee payable at the time of admission - Rs. 64,900/- (INR 55,000 + 18% GST)
Remaining amount in 2 Instalments of Rs. 64,900/- each (INR 55,000 + 18% GST) to be paid by 10th of subsequent months

Sponsored Candidate Individual Candidate


Core Faculty
G. K. Singh
Joint Secretary
Dr. R. A. Mashelkar
Professor Emeritus
Dr. S. K. Panda
IAS (Retd)
Adjunct Faculty
Shankar Venkateswaran
Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Shubhashis Gangopadhyay
Adjunct Faculty
Viraf Mehta
Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Garima Dadhich
Associate Professor
Dr. Ravi Raj Atrey
Chief Programme Executive
Pradeep Bhargawa
Martin Neurieter
CEO - CSR Company
Dinesh Aggarwal
Former Consulting Advisor
Debadideb Dutta
Inst for Sustainable Communities
Praveen Kumar Karn
Group Head - CSR, Spark
Padma Raghavan
Head Partnerships
Water Aid India
Vivek Pawar
CEO - Deshpande
Dr. Rama Sridhar
Sunil Chakrapani
Vice President
Deshpande Foundation
Dr. Jyotsana Puri
Dy. Executive Director
Manisha Patil
CSR Lead
Community Engagement, Amazon
Akanksha Sharma
Head CSR
Sterilite Technologies Ltd


"The ICP Batch V has been well designed and executed online training course of NFCSR/IICA on CSR. Having undergone initial changes in design of the course in content and delivery, it has been become a power packed course of learning providing incredible knowledge and rich experience. The contents have been concised and the re-enforcement sessions have been well planned and delivered seamlessly without much technical flaw, on saturdays and sundays to ensure attendance of all learners. The choice of faculties has been good and some are really excellent with lots of experience in the field. Co-ordination, communications and management of the programme have been flawless. Though interrupted by unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, it has been hotly persuaded and eventually, all the requirements of the course have been made to be completed by al learners. Kudos to Team NFCSR/IICA! May please keep up the good initiative for the benefit of many more learners in future!"

L. L. Khongsai
DGM – CSR, Indian Oil Corporation Limited

"Before taking this course, I thought as a working CSR professional, I already knew the basic theories, laws, policies, etc. related to CSR. But after completing the course, I feel pretty confident in my ability to understand & implement CSR. The course material was comprehensive, which was not only helpful in getting technical knowhow of CSR in India but also provided a fair idea about international frameworks of CSR & Sustainability. I still use the course manual and video sessions as a reference. The presenters and trainers (especially industry stalwarts, who took practicum sessions) were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. This course also gave me the opportunity to connect and network with other CSR professionals"

Bhanu Prakash Semwal
Sr. Manager – CSR, Indian Oil Corporation Limited

"The ICP IN CSR course conducted by IICA on CSR is a great value addition to me. I could learn about different CSR practices. It had a very practical approach to learning and the faculty were interactive. In my batch I also had the experience of sharing some of our best practices and at the same time learning from the other participants. During the whole year I always took out time to attend my online classes and gain as much knowledge as possible and I believe that is one of the best investments I made in myself.
The duration and the pedagogy of the course is well designed and caters well to the needs of CSR professionals. This course is excellent course available in the country for learning about CSR. It was an enriching experience for which I will always cherish."

Jayant Madhad
Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited

"As a company secretary in practice, my role was basically on calculation and advising on the applicability of the provisions of CSR. The sessions and the practical exposure of ICP in CSR has given an in depth understanding of CSR, beginning from the Intent of the law makers behind the creation of the CSR law to the practical Implementation of a CSR programme. The curriculum is designed in a way that Regulators, NGO’s, Corporates are involved in the programme which helped to understand the aspects of CSR in their respective perspective. Each faculty has excellent knowledge in their respective areas. The Coordinator and the Support staff are very helpful from the beginning. "

D. Sathwik, B.A., LLM, ACS
Practising Company Secretary, Hyderabad.

"The programme designed by IICA has a good blend of theory with practice. The spirit and essence of the Act is clearly drilled i.e., the Act is not about philanthropy but about affirmative actions with medium to long term interventions bringing about a change for the better. This course provides a 360 degree view of the social landscape and a context and perspective, multiple stakeholders may have to a CSR project i.e., donors, implementation agency, beneficiaries, policy makers, technical partners, etc. This understanding is crucial in designing and planning for a successful project with sustainable impact. By inviting guest speakers from different backgrounds to the course, IICA has made it even more insightful and interesting as we get perspectives from experts with varied practical experiences. The attachments to a Corporate and NGO is an excellent concept to learn on the job. Despite the course being mainly online, I believe that IICA has been successful in creating a community of CSR professionals. The help and guidance from course co-coordinators and professors has been tremendous. They have been a constant guide and always excited to help. They provided clarity whenever I went to them with any doubts. I wish to also add that despite the challenge of pandemic of Covid 19, the course correction was done in timely manner and learning did not stop. Overall, very well designed course and well executed."

Amita Malviya
Founder & Director, Meraki

"It has been great experience with IICA during ICP-CSR program. I must admit that entire ICP program was well constructed, covering all the aspects of CSR in the structured manner at it’s best with very user friendly LMS. The reinforcement sessions always have been very interesting and interactive with the prominent personalities from the industry. It has been really a pleasurable experience to hear the views & learn from highly valued professional from the industry in the master sessions. I can’t thank enough to IICA for providing this opportunity. It will be my endeavour to share the experience and knowledge for the betterment of the industry & society."

Prabhat Bhardwaj
Managing Director & Chief Auditor CSR, Totalika Vertical Solutions









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