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"The valuation profession will only grow in importance. New challenges and opportunities to enhance business and financial markets, and society at large, will confront valuers at a greater rate. Macro trends including climate change; a shift in the way we use and manage natural resources; population demographics; the proliferation of financial instruments; and the role of technology in business will shape, and be shaped by, the valuation profession. Asset values will evolve as these forces influence our day-to-day lives, and the importance of transparent and reliable valuations, including on balance sheets, will only become more important in our interconnected world."

Sir David Tweedie,

Chairman, International Valuation Standards Council

Who Does Not Need Valuation Today?

Whether you are working for value creation, value capturing, value distribution or tax collection, all are affected by valuation – be it courts, quasi-judicial authorities, governments, regulators, bankers, auditors, lawyers, investors and other stakeholders. Credible valuations are important in supporting economic activity, strengthening financial markets and protecting the public interest.

For any market economy, valuation of assets is crucial to various business areas, from transactions and financing to litigation, strategic management and compliance. Stakeholders and regulators are demanding greater transparency through fair value reporting. Global Financial Crisis revealed deep fault lines and taught many important lessons, one of those being that valuation really does matter! With accounting moving more and more towards value, there is need for competent and professional valuation experts globally.


IICA Valuation Certificate Program (IVCP) is designed as an integrated, comprehensive and practical course on valuation. Consisting of 22 modules, the course is delivered online over 3 levels and 12 months. The course is aligned to International Valuation Standards giving it a global flavour which is necessary in the present interconnected world. The faculty consists of global experts drawn from academia, industry and regulatory bodies. The heterogeneous group of participants facilitates peer learning and formation of holistic perspective of inter-disciplinary valuation related issues. Alumni benefit offers opportunity for lifelong learning and networking.

Course Commencement - April of each calendar year

Registration - Open for Batch-IV

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International Valuation Standards

Course aligned to International Valuation Standards to make you global valuer


12 Month Online Study

World Class learning through Learning Management System


Well Developed Materials

Study materials, assignments presentation developed by experts in their fields


Master Classes

Master Classes through global Faculty & practitioners


Recorded Sessions

Recording of all the sessions available through out the course


IVCP Designation

Helping you become a Global Valuation Professional


(In process)


Average Experience

20 + Years

Youngest Participant

26 Years

Eldest Participant

66 Years




The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), an autonomous institute, works under the aegis of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to deliver opportunities for research, education, and advocacy. It is a think tank that curates a repository of data and knowledge for policy makers, regulators as well as other stakeholders working in the domain of Corporate Affairs. Key activities carried out by IICA include induction and in-service training to Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS) officers, capacity building and training programmes, policy advisory functions, public outreach and stakeholder consultants through seminars, conference and forums.


School of Finance, IICA is engaged in capacity building, education, research and consultancy in financial and regulatory issues relevant to corporate sector, professionals and investing public at large. The School conducts short-term training programmes and workshops on banking, finance, accounting, auditing, valuation, risk management, IFRS, regulation of corporate financial disclosures and other emerging issues in finance and accounting. It also provides research, advocacy & advisory support to priority initiative of Government of India like Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy and Financial Reporting.


Level I – Foundation
Getting Ready for Valuation
4 Months Online Delivery
Module 01 - Valuation Introduction
Module 02 - Valuation Professional Performance Framework (VPPF) – Valuation Standards, Ethical Conduct, Competency, Defining the Engagement, Laws and
Module 03 - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis I – Financial Mathematics and Business Statistics for Valuation
Module 04 - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis II – Economic Analysis and Interpretation of Macro & Micro Economic Numbers for Valuation
Module 05 - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis III – Analysis of Industry, Business Strategies, Subject Entity/Asset, Economic Moat, Historical Financials
(IFRS/IndAS based), Quality of Earnings, Financial Shenanigans and Adjustments to Financial Statements
Module 06 - Financial Modelling, Evaluation of Prospective Financial Information (PFI) and Introduction of Behavioural Finance
Level II – Intermediate
Business Valuation Techniques
4 Months Online Delivery
6-Day In-person Component at IICA Campus
Module 07 - Understanding and Measuring Risk, Determining Cost of Capital in Developed and Emerging Countries
Module 08 - Income Approach and Methods
Module 09 - Cost Approach and Methods
Module 10 - Market Approach and Methods
Module 11 - Land and Building Valuation
Module 12 - Plant and Machinery Valuation
Module 13 - Level of Value, Discount and Premiums
Module 14 - Valuation Report Writing, Valuation Quality, Essentials of Credible Valuation Report, Developing and Reporting Opinion of Value
Level III – Advanced
Implementation of Business Valuation Techniques
4 Months Online Delivery
6-Day In-person Component at IICA Campus
Module 15 - Valuation of Intellectual Property and Other Intangibles
Module 16 - Valuation for Financial Reporting – Purchase Price Allocation (PPA), Contingent Consideration, Impairment Testing, Valuation of Stock Options/ESOPs, Fair Value of Investment Fund, Valuation of Financial Instruments, Auditing Fair Value Measurement
Module 17 - Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Restructuring, Private Equity and Venture Capital
Module 18 - Valuation of Real Property Interest, Development Property and Plant & Equipment
Module 19 - Valuation for Start-ups, High-Tech, Fin-Tech, Cyclical and Distressed Companies
Module 20 - Valuation for Litigation Support, Arbitration, Economic Damages, Critiquing Valuation Report, Valuation Cases and Expert Witnessing
Module 21 - Valuation for Transfer Pricing and Other Tax Compliances, Determining Arm’s Length Price and Valuation for Other Tax Requirements
Module 22 - Valuation in Specific Cases & Contemporary Issues – Disinvestment & Asset Monetisation, Valuation of Financial Institutions (Banks, Insurance Companies, Mutual Funds etc.), Small Companies, Investment Holding Companies, Biotech Companies, Mineral Assets, Crypto Assets
Who Can Benefit From the Course
Finance professionals, consultants, senior officials of government and regulatory bodies, banking and insurance professionals, CA, CS, ICWA, lawyers, finance and economics faculty members, financial / business analysts, investors, board members, auditors, corporate and investment bankers, fund managers, investment analysts, CMD, CEO, CFO, Director, GM, Finance heads and other professionals who want to develop valuation acumen.
Graduate, CA, CS, CMA or other equivalent qualification
Two Modes of Learning
Certificate of Completion Certificate of Participation
Is awarded following two factor criteria, i.e. Attendance and Assessment. Certificate of Completion is suitable for existing or aspiring valuation professionals who are / wish to take valuation as a profession. They are expected to do valuations. Is awarded following single factor criteria, i.e. Attendance. Assessment is not applicable to them. Certificate of Participation is suitable for other stakeholders who are expected to make informed decisions at board / management level without being involved in the valuation exercise directly. They join the course for knowledge enhancement and general learning like MDs, CEOs, CFOs, KMPs, bankers, directors, senior government officers, lawyers, academicians etc.
Assessment is applicable only for candidates choosing Certificate of Completion, i.e. existing or aspiring valuation professionals. Assessment is done through a combination of individual assignments, report writing, group activities, participation and MCQ-based test.


Core Faculty
Rajiv Singh, CA
Valuation Expert, Adjunct Faculty
IICA & Course Director
Naveen Sirohi, PhD CFP
Head, School of Finance IICA
& Course Director
Abizer Diwanji
Financial Services & Structuring Leader
EY India
Prof S R Korivi, CA PhD
Former Dean NISM and Visiting Faculty
at IIMs, NIFM, NIBM etc.
Harish Dua, CPA CFE
Noted Expert in Financial matters
Risk and Governance issues
Rajiv Mantri
Expert in Investment Research, Credit
Markets& Restructuring
Harsh Gupta, CFA FRM
Expert in Macroeconomics and Risk
Management. Author on Derivatives
Naveen Bali PhD
Consultant, Dept of Economic Affairs
Ministry of Finance, Govt of India


"IICA Valuation Certificate Program is an in-depth informative, practical, experience sharing with real life cases studies shared by both faculties as well as subject market experts. A must attend program for anyone who want to learn the finest aspects & nuances of valuation, it’s real use in day to day fair valuations of business, intangible & tangible assets, goodwill, future potentials, markets etc. It's relevant to freshers as well as experienced valuers."

Ramesh NGS (Batch-I)
MD & CEO, Stock Holding Corporation of India

"It has been amazing learning & humbling experience to be part of IICA Valuation Certificate Program. It is a unique valuation course in the industry that offers advanced level expertise to budding future valuers. The course provides for a thorough & detailed approach to imparting valuation knowledge. Course content is the right mix of theory and practice which is a necessity for a subject like valuation. Faculty is thorough with academic knowledge & practical experience. Classes are interactive and allow students from different backgrounds to exchange their views on valuation where there can be many views on the valuation number for the same circumstances."

Ankit Goel (Batch-I)
CA, Registered Valuer (FA&S)

"A very interesting and valuable experience. I learnt a lot and it gave me a good grounding in basic and advance valuation. It really made me think that valuation has a great future. Most important IICA has arranged great faculty who taught us behavioural finance to deep finance theory in easy and practical ways."

Anuj Kumar Singh (Batch-I)
Asst General Manager, Union Bank of India

"IICA Valuation certificate program is well structured, comprehensive course exclusive for valuation profession with focus on international standards. Interactive sessions from dedicated experts and practitioners, best available eminent speakers from various fields like legal, statisticians, economists, financial accounting and valuation. The valuation course has advantages of both online and campus sessions. National and international exposure with affordable fee. Despite being non-finance background, I could understand concepts & techniques of valuation."

H S Arun Kumar (Batch-I)
IBBI Registered Valuer (P&M)

"This course has been really well executed; the content related to valuation is great at its place as well this course definitely developed good business acumen towards my own business. It's helpful."

Sangram Limaye (Batch-I)
B.E. Civil, & Registered Valuer (L&B)

"As a sitting board member of this Institute, I am confident that this course will give the world ethical and supremely professional valuers, who will become a very important part of the value chain for any Economy"

CA Veni Thapar (Batch-I)
Board Member, IICA and Former Government Nominee Director, Bank of India

"IICA Valuation course has been a huge learning experience for me personally and professionally. This valuation course, both in content and delivery has fortified my knowledge and has ingrained deeper insights into the best practices for professional growth. Learning what is needed for sharpening skills, unlearning and relearning what is required for the current market demands in the profession. Kudos to Dr Naveen Sirohi and entire IICA faculty for the passion & commitment to make this happen. I will recommend this online course to anyone who has a serious passion for valuation practice in times ahead."

CA Shirley Mathew (Batch-I)
IBBI Registered Valuer (FA&S)

"Came into the course with expectation of learning basics of valuation, right from scratch. Absolutely happy that my objective is fully met. Level-I gave solid foundation on statistics, management and of course valuation related aspects. Level-II has gone into depth of valuation exercise, duly grilling each and every concept into our heads. The faculty are highly dedicated which makes participants feel connected. Kudos to entire team who thought through this course and delivered it in such a structured manner. Co-Participants with exceptional experience & varied exposure is a phenomenal strength for the success of this batch."

R Bhuvana (Batch-I)
Insolvency Professional & Registered Valuer(FA&S)

"IICA Valuation Certificate Program (IVCP) is probably one of the finest courses in the country on Valuation that has the right theoretical & practical mix that helps us take decisions in an extremely dynamic business world. Excellent pedagogy, top class faculty and peer interaction gives us a learning experience of life time. Master classes with erudite personalities keep us abreast of changing macroeconomic scenarios. Trust me, it meets the requirements."

Deobrata R Das (Batch-I)
Chief Manager, Union Bank of India

"Huge learning experience! I sincerely appreciate the interactions with highly knowledgeable and expert faculty, Inspite of being an online valuation course, I find the virtual sessions to be as participative as a physical classroom."

Jagdish Kumar (Batch-I)
CA, Registered Insolvency Professional & Registered Valuer (FA&S)

"The experience with IICA Valuation Course is wonderful. The faculty is best in the world. Interaction with them is enlightening. The schedule timing of classes is convenient and well planned. The syllabus of the subject is very professional and can be used in day to day valuations. Though we are not from financial background the basics were taught to understand the fundamentals to improve the knowledge in Business Valuations. As we are working professionals, busy with our own schedules, we are keen to attend either online classes or recorded classes whenever time permits."

M.V.L. Prasad (Batch-I)
IBBI Registered Valuer (P&M)

"I feel that IICA Valuation Certificate Program is a course which is aptly designed and comprehensively covers the whole gamut of valuation arena. Faculties are world class and the participants carry great credentials in their respective fields. IVCP also allows networking and bonding among participants."

Sharad Goyal (Batch-I)
CA & Insolvency Professional

"IICA Valuation Certificate Program delivers a global curriculum, inculcating origin to expertise that forms the bedrock of the valuation profession. IVCP with its aim to resolve the valuation paradigm by adopting global methodologies converging the ecosystem for future. The valuation course is a model for advanced learning, prioritizing excellence. It's a gateway to a broad and enhanced course view where IVCP can teach the world truly international standards."

Ghanisth Golchha (Batch-I)
Business and Marketing Strategist

"If IIT is for Technology studies and IIM for Management studies then it is IICA Valuation Certificate Program for Valuation Studies. Authentic Valuation Training. A Must for great Valuation Career."

Chalapathy Rao M (Batch-I)
CA, IBBI Registered Valuer (FA&S)

"I as a fresher felt the valuation course was really heavy on the initial level. After the first few months I started to gel in with the course with the help of the professors and their efforts for making us understand the course. Now after several months I feel great to be a part of this course and I believe I can see a better future once I have completed this course. I especially thank Dr Sirohi Sir and others who are so cooperative."

Ananyo Guha Niyogi (Batch-I)
Commerce Graduate, M.Com

"IICA Valuation Certificate Program is set to bring in transparency, reliability, scalability and stability to the valuation profession and provide an ecosystem for further research-work in known and unknown areas requiring valuations in the times to come. Faculty and infrastructure are on the anvil to produce and shape future valuation professionals with highest degree of integrity, quality and standards. The above words are not merely the superficial words! They are very deep thought out beliefs of mine!"

Vishal Anand (Batch-I)
MCA, PGEP-Financial Markets, NIFM

"This course has made us to think and analyse in a different way even for the matter that we assumed to be aware of. The dynamics of our understanding of valuation as a subject matter is changed."

Rakesh Sahu (Batch-I)
FCA and IBBI Registered Valuer (FA&S)

"IICA Valuation Certificate Course is perfectly designed for deep and conceptual knowledge of valuation. We enjoy very much this course and learn so many new things and gain more knowledge. Faculty from IICA is awesome and way to teach is superb."

Pankaj Chandak (Batch-I)
CA, Registered Valuer (FA&S)
Forensic Auditor


Indian Participants - Individual
Super Early Bird Offer (20% Discount )
Upto 30.01.2024
1,60,000/- (plus taxes) Register Now
Early Bird Offer (10% Discount)
Upto 28.02.2024
1,80,000/- (plus taxes)
Last Minute Registration (Full price)
Upto 30.03.2024
2,00,000/- (plus taxes)
Indian Participants - Sponsored
This category is applicable to organisations who want to sponsor their employees for the program. In such cases, group discount is available as under:
2 – 5 Participants 6-9 Participants 10 or more Participants
10% discount 20% discount 25% discount
International Participants
The fee for international participant has been aligned to the World Bank’s classification of countries on the basis of Income as under:
High Income Countries (HIC) $ 3,500
Upper Middle Income Countries (UMIC) $ 3,000
Low Middle Income Countries (LMIC) $ 2,000
Low Income Countries (LIC) $ 1,600
Click here for world bank classification


Many. But to keep it short, the most important ones are (a)International connect as the course is aligned to international valuation standards with global faculty and participants (b) Alumni benefit of lifelong learning and networking (c) Practical approach using case studies and interaction with experts and practioners (d) Exposure to technical tools like Bloomberg, palisade etc .
No. There is provision of in-person contact teaching for 6D + 6D during Level II and III respectively.
No. But it is recommended.
The online classes shall be scheduled during evening of weekdays and/or over weekends to make it convenient for working executives. Masterclass (especially with an international speaker) may take place at any time, subject to the availability of the expert and the time zone.
Yes. Indian participants can pay the fee in three installments. We have relaxed the fee payment plan considering the COVID-19 crisis in terms of number of installments and payment period.
Yes. IVCP is an integrated program designed in line with globally best courses wherein all asset categories are covered in single course.
No. There is no provision of lateral entry into Level II or III.
Yes. The course is open to international participants since most of the delivery is online. For in-person teaching component, flexibility may be given to international participants, on case to case basis.
Yes. The course fee includes boarding/lodging during in-person teaching component on twin-sharing basis.
No. This is a valuation competency development education initiative to help valuers perform better.
Yes. This is a practical course designed to develop competencies of participants to handle valuation cases.