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Research is an important constituent of IICA's vision and mission. School of Finance aspires to carry out research on contemporary issues in the finance domain.

In order to influence policy and practice, the School is engaged in the following research studies:

1. Impact Assessment Study on Implementation of Financial Inclusion, Direct Benefit Transfer and Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
School of Finance is conducting a study for assessing the impact of Financial Inclusion initiatives undertaken by major banks in 5 districts of Uttar Pradesh, namely Ghaziabad, Hapur, Amroha, Sambhal and Moradabad. The study aims to determine how best Financial Inclusion initiatives can be carried forward not only to provide banking facilities including credit facilities smoothly but also to make it wholesome and economically / socially meaningful and beneficial to all stakeholders by assessing the real time situation in comparison to position as at April 2011.

2. Moving towards an Off-site Risk Based Audit in Banks
To ensure financial stability and protection of consumer interest, RBI follows a stringent system of effective regulation and supervision of banks. An annual on-site financial inspection of banks under Section 35 of the BR Act has been the main instrument of supervision employed by RBI. Additionally, RBI conducts an off-site monitoring of the banks through the Offsite Monitoring System (OSMOS). While the existing supervisory processes have effectively served over the years, there was a growing concern over their adequacy and effectiveness in meeting the current and future supervisory requirements. Need is felt for a risk based approach supported by a robust off-site surveillance mechanism which eliminates any manual intervention involved in the flow of data from the banks to RBI.

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