School of Competition Law and Market Regulation

The School of Competition Law & Market Regulation at IICA has been established with the core objective of meeting the capacity building needs in the area of competition law and market regulation. As part of the objective and profile of the School, continuous research is conducted on the substantive areas of evolving competition law and policy and the impact of regulation on competitive market structure in various sectors. The School seeks to assist in the evolution of competition jurisprudence in India through its research outputs and capacity building solutions.

The School conducts long term and short term courses for training of various stakeholders such as officials of ministries, government departments, regulatory authorities, public and private sector enterprises, students and other practitioners of competition law. The long term courses are of three months and above duration while the short term courses are customized courses of less than three months duration aimed at executive education. The need based short term courses are designed and aimed to meet specific skill and training needs of the stakeholders. These courses are tailor made to address the sector and industry specific skill deficit of the stakeholders.

The School also provides policy assistance to various Ministries and government departments on issues relating to competition compliance and market regulation. Another functional area of the School relates to performing research and advisory assistance to public and private sector enterprises.

The vision of the School is dedicated towards creation of 'competition culture' among the market participants which shall augment competition awareness and understanding. This shall lead to improved compliance among stakeholders, thereby facilitating effective enforcement of the competition law.

Presentation on: Promoting Competition Culture in India

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