Spring 2019

The IICA is a Gold rated Green Building by the IGBC. The Leaf Plan is a re-affirmation of our commitment to a holistic view of the environment.

Phase wise plan

The work was started on 11 February 2019 under Swachhta Action Plan.

The area of IICA was divided into three parts - A , B and C.

Part A

The following plants were planted:

Golden Shower



Rosa Vinca (Seasonal) - Guldaudi (in Winters)

Portulaca Hybrid (Seasonal) Carandula(Winters) Optional

Lantana (Blue Yellow and Red) both Left and right side

Fynix Palm Left side and Fycus Panda with Snake plant Right Side

Chlorophytum (under the Fynix Palm)

The following plants were relocated:

Bogenvellia to be planted in Planters ( Currently kept in Nursery/ Green House under Champa ).

Arjun to be Shifted at Parking area currently kept in the Nursery

Ashok to be shifted in part B ( Road Centre Verge)

Doranta shifted to Nursery

Royal Palm Shifted opp to the Main gate area

Ferkeria Shifted from Shed to Sunlight ( previously it was placed under Champa

Fycus shifted from Left side to Right side alongwith two other Fycus to form a group

Correct process was followed to uproot the plants

Part A-1

Cycus growing under the shed were shifted and planted on the left side of the passage.

The following plants were planted for beautification of the area

1. Korean Grass, 2. Chrophytham, 3. Golden fountain,4. Lemongrass 5. Livistonia palm, 6. Rain lilies,7. Spider lilies

2. Pruning of existing plants like sheesham and Mango was also done.
Roof Top Aloevera will be planted in later

Part B

All existing trees like Neem , Sheesham Kachnar, etc was trimmed .

Morepankhi/Thuja were uprooted and shifted in Section C to form a group of Thuja

Hibiscus and Peeli Kaner planted in place of Thuja/Morepankhi

Hedges being trimmed in different shapes for beautification.

Timely treatment on existing plants and trees. Seasonal flowers and grass planted on the dividers

Part C

Plants like Ashok and other existing big plants shifted near the boundary wall to form a Forest like impression. They will not only provide good shade, temperature reduction, noise reduction but also control pollution. These Trees will provide a green hug walls or fences and protect the campus with unwanted guest as well. The work is under process. Some of the Plant were shifted from its current location to form a group with other alike plants like banana.

In the residential area, the following plants were planted





5.Lemon Grass


7.Snake Plant and Sansevaria

8.Fruit Trees

9.Golden Grass and other seasonal plants

Types of plants used in different areas

Dust absorbing and environment friendly plants Kaner, Bogenvellia, Jhatropa, Raphis Palm, Peace Lilly,
For beautification and pollination Vinca Portuluca , Rain lilly, Golden Bamboo , Golden Shower, Ticoma
Oxygen giving plants/ air purifiers Fycus, Snake Plant, Money Plant, Chlorophytom, Erica Palm,
Raphis Palm, Sensaveria
Medicinal value and mosquito repellent plants Aloe vera, Hibiscus, Tulsi, Kari Patta, Citronella , Vinca Basil, Tulsi, Lemon Grass,
Poodina , Long Tulsi , Kapoor Tulsi , American Tulsi , Brahmi, Oregano,
Bringhraj , Stevia , Marjoram , Dhatura, Aak and more
Seed germinators Semal, Hibiscus
Fruit plants and others Desi Mango, Jamun, Black Berry ( Shehtoot), Ber, Pomegranate, Papaya, Lemon,
Banana, Guvava, Amla, Karonda etc

Plantation Programme was organised at IICA on 13 March 2019 where IICA, ICLS, CRC officers and residents participated in the programme and planted fruit plants at various assigned areas.

Nursery establishment

Nursery using the shed of existing trees (Champa Trees and other) has been developed and the plants are being treated and being prepared in this Nursery. For example the Bougenvellia branches are kept for formation of new plants from these branches. Likewise the guldaudi , and other plants are being stored which will be planted as per the season. Seeds of existing plants being stored to used further.

Some of the Plants were shifted from its current location to form a group with other alike plants

Indoor Plants

Yuca, Raphis Plam, Peace Lilly, Money Plant, Sanseveria and Snake Plant, Jade etc being kept at various locations, These are oxygen giving plants and are beneficial for health as well. These plants survive in limited water,


A small arboretum is developed near residential area and the following plants are planted which has medicinal value like




Long Tulsi

Kapoor Tulsi

American Tulsi






Organic Vegetable Farming already being done at IICA

Manure and medicines

Timely treatment and manure to the plants being provided. Before the start of the Green Plan project it was observed that the plants were highly diseased and the first and foremost thing was to make them disease free hence these pesticides were used. The process of complete treatment of plants took 2-3 months. Once they are diseased free only organic farming will be adopted. All precaution are being taken care while using the pesticides.

Waste water treatment plant

Waste water treatment plant being procured form NEERI and to be installed very soon .


The following equipments procured for cutting the bush, trees and grass

Equipment bought under Swacchta Action Plan of IICA

Compost plant

A compost plant was also installed for getting organic manure for plants .

Before and after effects of Leaf Plan

Flowers attracting Honey bees

Thuja/morepankhi planted in a group

Flowers stared blooming

Hedges being trimmed for beautification

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