Centre for Responsible Business Advisory (CRBA)

Apprehending the need for supporting Indian Corporates in harnessing the tides of transition, the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) has taken a pivotal initiative of creation of a new Centre for Responsible Business Advisory (CRBA), under the aegis of School of Business Environment (SBE), IICA. In this new age of responsibility, the Centre will play a pioneering role in facilitating the adoption of Responsible Business Conduct by the public and private sector Corporates, including MSMEs. Among a wide range of services offered by the CRBA, the Centre predominantly aims to aid, assist, advice and provide all-round support to the Corporates in the upcoming domain of Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG).

The Centre is equipped to provide wide-gamut of ESG Advisory services, ranging from offering advice and support for Secondary Analysis of Existing ESG Framework, Peer Benchmarking, Materiality Assessment, Stakeholder Consultation, identification of Key Performance Areas for ESG Implementation, Comprehensive ESG-Gap Assessment, formulation of an Action Plan to providing recommendations for processes, policies, data, guidelines, disclosure, reporting, and implementation under relevant ESG regulations. For ensuring best-in class service delivery, the Centre will leverage the in-house ESG expertise at SBE, along with engaging industry experts and academics on need basis.

As per its mandate, Centre seeks to serve as a focal point for initiative research, education, collaborations and advisory services in the realm of responsible business in India. Leveraging the existing academic and infrastructural resources focusing on practical responsible business solutions, CRBA is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing knowledge and fostering meaningful associations that contribute to the growth of the ethical and socially responsible business practices in India.

For more information,email at sobe@iica.in or contact 0124-2640044.

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Last Updated:- 29/05/2024
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