Centre of Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution


To engage in study, research and capacity building in financial and regulatory issues relevant to the investing public at large.


1.   Inculcate financial literacy concepts among the various sections of the population through financial education to make it an
      important life skill,

2.   Encourage active savings behaviour,

3.   Improve usage of digital financial services in a safe and secure manner,

4.   Manage risk at various life stages through relevant and suitable insurance cover,

5.   Improve research and evaluation methods to assess progress in financial education,

6.   Conduct research in all aspects of financial capability.

7.   Work as an agent to Government for the IEPFA (e.g. roll out relevant parts of the implementation plan as given in the National


In order to achieve the strategic objectives laid down adopt the ‘5 C’ approach for dissemination of financial education through emphasis on development of relevant Content (including Curriculum in schools, colleges and training establishments), developing Capacity among the intermediaries involved in providing financial services, leveraging on the positive effect of Community led model for financial literacy through appropriate Communication Strategy, and lastly, enhancing Collaboration among various stakeholders.

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