The Centre for Independent Directors is acting as a fulcrum to the initiative of creating and maintaining a databank portal for Independent Directors. The portal operates as a key mechanism for the capacity building interventions towards the enhancement of eco system of corporate governance of the country. The key objectives for the establishment of the centre are as under:

   Recognising the significance of the institution of Independent Directors in high standards of corporate governance in the country

   Bringing the entire institution at one platform for the purpose of empowering them with capacity building

   For the capacity building, helping them to learn with their own pace using the e-learning courses on a variety of topics for their orientation towards the regulatory framework of corporate governance

   Enabling them to track their understanding level by assessment of self using Multiple Choice Question based approach

   Keeping them abreast with the latest developments in the field by sharing knowledge resources and providing monthly news letter

   Helping the registered Independent Directors to get featured for seeking opportunities of board positions with the companies

   Connecting them with a network of reputed institutions as partners and exposing them to their repository of knowledge in form of MOOCs, India Centric Case studies and advanced assessment tools for upgrading the skills of practice of independent directorship

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Last Updated:- 02/06/2023
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