Newsletter-“THE HUB”

With an objective of continuous professional development of the Independent Directors by orienting them with the latest updates on the regulatory shifts and the corporate governance practice at Corporate India, IICA has developed a monthly Newsletter “the Hub”

The structure of the Newsletter has been developed across five dedicated sections:

a)   Settings to capture the theme of the newsletter

b)   Vignettes to capture a study or a video byte from experienced Independent Directors sharing their insights

c)   Regulatory Worktop to capture the shifts in various rules and regulations notified by MCA, SEBI, RBI, CCI, IBBI or any other regulator

d)   Regulators Eye to capture the corporate actions/summary of study or research as a learning from practice

e)   Events Expo to capture the details of various seminars, conferences, and training programs conducted at national and global levels, for the participation of IDs.

The monthly Newsletter is placed in the “Resources” section of the data bank portal and is also circulated to all the registered users of the Databank.

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Last Updated:- 21/04/2024
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