Centre for Institutional Partnerships & Corporate Communications

Institutional Partnerships and Corporate Communications is cross-cutting services across and within the IICA verticals. The Centre facilitates collaboration and communication for all IICA Schools and Centres and also serves as the external interface of the institution. Engagement with external institutions; building up of strategic partnerships; creating national and international platforms for exchange of experience and ideas; stimulating dialogue; event planning; notification and promotion; communications regarding opportunities and dissemination of information are the major activities of the Centre.

The Centre is responsible for all internal and external communication requirements of IICA, the projection of the IICA brand and the documentation and preservation of IICA history in print and audio/visual formats. While each School and Centre engages in interaction with external institutions at a certain level, all formalized communications and dissemination of information that emanates from the Institution as well as its verticals, is generated from the Corporate Communications vertical.


    Monthly Newsletter

    Publicising the Events organised by the Institute on PIB and other local newspapers

    Responsible for deploying marketing campaigns for Schools and Centres thereby reducing the burden of

customer acquisition and campaigning on academic staff.

    Create an alumni network of former staff members and encourage them to serve as IICA ambassadors.

    Moving beyond academic publications to communicate research and programme outcomes.

    Identify and institutionalise exchange spaces where IICA can mingle and converse with senior staff and

partner academic institutions

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