• 1.      Study and Survey on CSR Expenditure of Mining Companies in Tribal Regions
                 under the provisions of Companies Act

                   Published in April, 2020

    2.      Impact study for the National Scheduled Tribe Finance Development Corporation
                   Published in March, 2020

    3.      Impact Assessment of RITES Limited
                   Published in February, 2020

    4.      CSR Project Integrated Village Development Program Phase – 2 of AICL
                   Published in February, 2020

    5.      Impact Assessment for the CSR Initiative of Rites Limited - Vishwas Sansthan
                   Published in February, 2020

    6.      IICA Research Study on Policy facilitation for Greater Impact of CSR
                   Published in December, 2019

    7.      Impact Assessment Report for RAC Technicians of HPMP
                   Published in December, 2019

    8.      Need Assessment for Toyota Industries Engine India Private Limited
                   Published in August, 2019

    9.      Impact Assessment Study for Project Rise
                   Published in August, 2019

    10.      Need Assessment Study for Restoration of a cultural Heritage Site, Gurugram
                   Published in August, 2019

    11.      Baseline Study Hindalco Industries Limited Unit Birla Copper
                    Published in May, 2019

    12.      Impact Assessment for CSR interventions of Numaligarh Refinery Limited
                    Published in April, 2019

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