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In the direction of developing the valuation ecosystem in India and creating world class valuation professionals, the school is in the process of designing courses, training programs and workshops in the praxis mode. The goal is to imbibe a sense of professionalism and inculcate appropriate behaviour among professinals, in addition to providing theoretical and practical knowledge and skills.

An 11-month, 400+ hours professional course on valuation has been launched by the school. The course is aligned to International Valuation Standards (IVS) giving it a global flavour which is necessary in the present interconnected world. The faculty consists of global experts drawn from academia, industry and regulatory bodies. For more details, kindly visit on Valuation Course

The school is working on rolling out course as per needs of the profession, specifically:

    National Valuation Programme, a four-year integrated full-time professional course,
      which includes an internship of one year,

    Graduate Valuation Programme, a two-year full-time professional course on valuation,

    Limited Valuation Programme, a four-hundred-hour professional course, and

    Continuing Professional Education

    The examination, which a professional is required to pass at periodic intervals

    Certifications where a professional obtains certificates for participation in specified
      learning programme (seminars, conferences, workshops, training etc.)
      for specified hours

Forthcoming Courses

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