9-Step Strategy: Plan of Action

S. No. Strategy Activities Timeline Status
1 Strategy 1: Act as an Agent to Government
1.1 • Central Registry of Independent Directors.
(Lead: Dr. Niraj Gupta
(Member: Rd. Pyla)
• Create self-learning
 website with tutorials
• Start advanced
• Issue fliers

• Start other services
30 days from MCA order
60 days from MCA order
60 days from MCA order.
75 days from MCA order
The portal and contents
of basic and advanced
courses has been prepared.
1.2 • Investor education and protection.
(Lead: Dr. Naveen J. Sirohi)
• Complete Advocacy study
• Jointly prepare IEPF
   Advocacy Strategy

• Start Advocacy


- Survey and Module
Development is complete
- Strategy for switch
from investor education to
capability building is being prepared
- Communication plan completed
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