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Advanced Professional Course in Competition Law & Market Regulation/Certificate Course in Competition Law/Certificate Course in Competition Law & Economics December 2018- May 2019

Global Competiveness, Technology Advancement and Consumer Welfare have necessitated competition law to be taken seriously. Increasingly, greater number of organisations and individuals – both in Government and Private spheres – now need to acquire knowledge on competition law. These courses – Certificate Courses and Advanced Professional Course - are uniquely designed and developed by IICA as shorter, flexible and focused option to meet specific professional needs of policy makers, regulators, business executives, lawyers, economists, CS, CAs and other professionals.

These Courses have now emerged as the gold standard in the area of competition law & market regulation on the merits of: rigorous course content and focus on specialised professional needs and easy of delivery. The hybrid mode of delivery – involving brief in-person sessions and regular online sessions on weekends – allows the participants to attend the course along with their professional pursuits. The modules - written and reviewed by top experts - offer clear and actionable knowledge. Similarly, interactions on live and past cases and practical situations with leading competition law experts from law firms and Government help the participants seek clarity on complex business and policy issues.

5th Batch of Certificate Course in Competition Law 3rd Batch of Advanced Professional Course in Competition Law & Market Regulation 1st Batch of Certificate Course in Competition Law


    Understand the principles of competition law & economics from top experts.

    Figure out the implications for your business/functional area

    Formulate business strategies in compliance with competition law.

    Explore the policy implications and interface between competition law & other laws.

    Delivery in hybrid mode in-person and online classes.

    Access to recorded sessions & presentations by resource persons.

    High quality study material, tailor-made for working professionals.

    Case-based learning for understanding practical implications.

    Be part of a vibrant peer-group & discover new career avenues.

    International Immersion Programme (Optional).


The courses are designed for stakeholders interested in acquiring professional knowledge and practical skills in the area of competition law & market regulation:

    Government: Officials working in Government Departments, Regulatory Authorities &
       Public Sector Undertakings

    Industry: Public and Private Enterprises.

    Professionals: Lawyers, In-house Counsels, Economists, CA, CS, CWA, CFA.

    Students: Law, Business, Economics, CA, CS, CWA, CFA


    How does Competition Act, 2002, along with the existing sector regulations, affect business decisions of your organisation?

    What precautions should you take while dealing with your suppliers, distributors, competitors and other market agents? Also, what are the lawful ways to gather market Intelligence?

    In the event of JVs, consolidation/merger & acquisitions, what are the mandatory requirements under Competition Act, 2002? Similarly, what are the precautions to be taken in terms of information exchange between parties, usage of clean teams etc?

    Does your organisation has a framework and capacity to take competition law compliant business decisions and acquire competitive advantage?

Resource Person Speak

  • “A very high quality and well-designed course that meets the need of law students as well as working professionals. Interaction with, and guest lectures by, competition law experts from the CCI and various law firms makes this course incredibly insightful.” –

  • “Imparting academic excellence on the Competition Law and Economics to professionals and University students has been pioneered by the IICA commendably. My heartfelt greetings to the leadership of the IICA for this great endeavour.” –

  • "This course is highly useful for those who really wants to understand the finer details of competition law and practice it their organizations. The course provides an in-depth understanding of legal framework of competition in India through an innovative pedagogy which is a blend of online and in-person sessions. In-person sessions by the leading practitioners in this field is a unique aspect of this course which enhances the learning experience enormously."

  • “These courses enable participants from a range of backgrounds to acquire a good academic and practical knowledge of competition law in India. The diverse faculty – drawn from academia, the institutions and legal practice - allows the subject to be seen from various perspectives. Practical exercises test the mettle of participants. Successful participation in these prestigious courses will give a good grounding in competition law and practice. It has been a real pleasure to help teach this course over the past few years and see students enthusiastically develop and apply their knowledge in this field."

  • “Competition law can be viewed as the implementation of economic policy to ensure competition in the economy. It is therefore important to understand the economic concepts that underlie competition law, which include the structure of markets and nature of competition between firms. Understanding these economic principles is key to both industry participants who must calibrate their behaviour to ensure compliance with the law, and legal counsel who must assess the extent to which a firm’s behaviour had an adverse impact on competition. This course provides a solid basis in these economic concepts.”

  • "The course is extremely well structured, Blending the academic and practical aspects of competition enforcement in India. It was a delight to teach one of the modules of this course. I found the class consisting of consisting of officials from private and public sector; lawyers; regulators; students etc to bring in their own perspectives to the classroom- making for a lively discussion."

  • “Rapid developments in technology and the emergence of innovative business paradigms digital based and of neural markets have presented challenges to defining competition itself. Traditional economic structures embedded in competition law are out of sync with these developments. Effective market regulation rests on a law in tune with changing market dynamics. The paradigm shift in markets must reflect in the law. Courses that harmonize dynamics of modern markets with competition law is a must if at least to understand what needs to be regulated and what is best left to market forces.”

  • Alumni Speak

  • “The course in very professionally managed and the Faculty is extremely competent to keep the participants interested all the time”.
    -Udai Kumar Srivastava
    -Principal Advisor,

  • “The course is well designed to kindle the interest in the subject and motivate to dwell deep and increase your expertise in the field. The syllabus is most relevant and essential to anyone aspiring to make a career in the field of business law. The organisers are also responsible and capable people.”
    -M.V. Bhanumathi
    -Principal Director,
    Income Tax Investigation-II Delhi

  • “The exposure I received during the Advanced Professional course in Competition Law and Market Regulation is bound to herald a renewed vigor in me to derive optimal efficacy in regulation and implementation of a whole gamut of initiatives in the area of competition law”
    -Gaurav Kumar
    (Economics) Competition Commission of India

  • “Excellent course in Competition Law & Market Regulation which has covered all important provisions of competition law applicable in India. IICA had engaged all eminent faculties for the said course.”
    -Sudesh Suryakant Shetye, CS
    -Indian Oil Corporation Limited

  • “I feel privileged to be a part of this course. I am glad I got to share my views with luminaries from varied sectors across the country who are brilliant in their respective fields. I will cherish the moments I spent pursuing the course forever.”
    -Vibhanshu Goswami
    -Law Officer,
    Indian Oil Corporation

  • “It is a feel good of high order to enroll for the Advanced Certificate in Competition Law. The structure and sequencing is very helpful, content is adequate, arrangements of learning process is adequate to a fulsome learning experience.”
    -Akshay K Panda, Economic Adviser,
    Department of Heavy Industries
    Nodal Officer for Portals of “MyGov” and “Transforming India”

  • “Education in our times must try to find whatever there is in students that might yearn for completion and to reconstruct the learning that would enable them autonomously to seek that completion”. My learning experience at IICA, on “Advanced Professional Course in Competition law and Market Regulation”, justifies this in true value and spirit.”
    -Surjith Karthikeyan,
    Deputy Director
    (Financial Stability) Department of Economic Affairs Ministry of Finance

  • “The Advanced Professional Course in Competition Law and Market Regulation conducted by IICA was truly enriching one. The course content was appropriate and all important topics were covered in the stipulated time frame. The course imparted requisite knowledge to the participants on the emerging topic of competition law. Several case studies were discussed by the faculties. Overall my objective of attending this course has been fulfilled.”
    -Gururaja Rao
    Senior Director
    Legal Sony Entertainment

  • “One of the BEST course in LEAST time & cost." Being a finance professional, we always weigh the time & cost with that to the knowledge & productivity. The course has proved to be the most economically and optimally suited for government officials.”
    -Rajeev Talwar,

  • “What a wonderful course to learn on Competition Law so well designed, well structured and planned.Really value for time and money invested, Great”
    -Pradeep Rastogi,
    Sharda Motor Industries-Group President (legal)

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