Other Objectives

In furtherance of the main objectives se: out above, the proposed Charter of the IICA would include the following:

i)     Set up 'a Global Collaboration Network for Governance and Economic growth (GCNGEG), comprising governments, corporates, prestigious institutions, think-tanks and other organizations related to corpora affairs, governance and economic growth, to work at global as well as local levels on governance and economic growth issues in the context of corporate functioning.

ii)     Provide policy research and knowledge support to MCA in understanding the changing business environment and needs/expectations of the regulated entities and stakeholders.

iii)     Develop and maintain a sophisticated state-of-the-art Knowledge Management (KM) system that is available to be utilized by MCA, corporate sector, Regulators, research fraternity, other Ministries of the Government.

iv)     Function as a vibrant think-tank assisting MCA in continuously redesigning the regulatory response and service delivery systems

v)     Act as institutional support for efficient delivery of some of MCA services, especially the implementation of the inter-twined concept of Corporate Governance and Investor Education, with special focus on the small unlisted companies.

vi)     Create a permanent platform for convergence of all stakeholders for their partnership/participation in various initiatives undertaken by MCA.

vii)     Work as a One-Stop-Shop for Corporate and Business Solutions operated through true functional partnerships between MCA, corporates, professionals, civil society organizations and other stakeholders

viii)     Establish synergistic linkage and networking with the stakeholders as well as with premier national/international institutions/organizations.

ix)     Become member of national and international think-tanks/networks and other institutionalized fora that are engaged in academics, research, advocacy, deliberations and other activities in the field of corporate affairs and related subjects at the national and global levels.

x)     Log and compile "best practices”, "notable experiences” from the domestic and international corporate world and make them available to both the public and private sectors, with ideas/suggestions about 'next practices'.

xi)     Serve as the premier institute for capacity building for public and private sector professionals in corporate governance and public policy; develop distance learning capabilities and facilities.

xii)     Establish a single web based Registry for MCA and provide data warehousing, data mining and other similar value added' services' to MCA and other stakeholders.

xiii)      Provide consultancy services to government departments, public enterprises and institutions for review, improvement of their existing organizations, systems, procedures, training activities and other related subjects.

xiv)     Develop and promote 'corporate affairs' as a distinct body of knowledge and design innovative methods for capacity building in this area wherein stress is laid on learning rather than teaching.

xv)     Award diplomas, certificates and other distinctions to persons trained and to prescribe standards of proficiency before the award of such diplomas, certificates and other distinctions.

xvi)     Set standards· in such areas/disciplines/activities as considered relevant/necessary in the context of responsible and effective corporate functioning and act as certifying agency for organizations/individuals who achieve such standards

xvii)     Set up Corpus, Chairs and other mechanisms considered appropriate/necessary for attracting make it financially sustainable and totally self-supporting.

xviii)     Do all such other acts and things either alone or in conjunction with other organizations or persons as the society may consider necessary incidental or conductive to the attainment of the objectives of the society.

xix)     To draw curriculum for the courses in 'the fields of corporate affairs and to award diplomas, degrees including post graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral research awards.

xx)     To conduct workshops, seminars of national and international standards, publish case studies, journals, books, monographs, conference materials in corporate affairs and management.

xxi)     To have tie-ups with foreign universities, government institutions of repute in furtherance of the objects of the Institute. To publish and disseminate information relating to results of research and other training courses/programmes.

xxii)     To set up regional centers and branches of the Institute in India or elsewhere in furtherance of the main objects of the Institute and to fix and charge fees for the courses to be conducted, to construct buildings, training Centre, workshops, books, research materials, journals and in the pursuit of scholastic attainments of the Institute as "Centre for Excellence".

xxiii)     To provide research and consultancy support to central/state/local bodies on governance issues including development and redesigning of governance and service delivery structures.

xxiv)     To assist Companies LLPs/SMEs/NGOs etc on Organizational Management and Development issues and undertake action research/consultancy for providing customized solutions.

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