Main Objectives

The primary objective of the Society is to establish, manage, maintain and run a world-class institute, to be called the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA) for attaining, achieving and furthering the objectives of the Society, including the following:

i)     Be a think-tank for the Government for holistic advice on all issues relating to corporate affairs, .and impacting on corporate functioning, including the legislative, policy, structural, governance, regulation and interdisciplinary/coordination issues, keeping in view the current developments and likely future scenarios.

ii)     Provide a dynamic and foresighted institutionalized platform for convergence, collective thinking and joint action by the Government, industry, premier institutions, thought leaders, professionals, investors, civil society organizations and other stakeholders with a view to engage proactively in on: going up-gradation of corporate governance and functioning, assisting business today in facing I capitalizing-on the current challenges/opportunities, and shaping the business of tomorrow.

iii)     Promote/encourage and facilitate innovation, entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship and associated employment generation, particularly in the small and medium enterprises, including through facilities for identification of emerging business opportunities, attracting venture capital, incubation, capacity building, and being a solution-provider seeking global alliances for complimentary core competences.

iv)     Provide quality action research, consultancy and information services/support to all its stakeholders including the Central/State Governments, corporates, professionals, Directors of companies, investors etc.

v)     Develop and maintain a state-of-the-art evolutionary Knowledge Management System, covering all aspects, issues, experiences relating to Indian and global corporate· functioning/affairs, linked to internal and external sources of knowledge creation, development and warehousing to provide data, information and knowledge to all stakeholders with speed and in formats designed for ease of access, navigation and utilization.

vi)     Develop a virtual think-tank/network with highly regarded – institutions, intellectuals and individuals in fields related to corporate affairs world-wide, with IICA Centres located in selected prestigious institutions/think-tanks in India abroad on reciprocal basis, to provide a mechanism for uniquely synergizing, the leading-edge thinking for assisting corporate leadership, innovation and development.

vii)     Promote ethical corporate governance ·and business management practices, provide innovative governance solutions for inclusive growth and entrepreneurial excellence for developing socially-responsible enterprises, and support mechanisms for investor education, protection and grievance redressal.

viii)     Assist Central/State Governments in taking e-governance initiatives and systems to new frontiers for ever-improving governance structures, integrated regulation, service delivery & e-security, and support the implementation of electronic registry and e-governance based regulation/services of the MCA.

ix)     Be the alma mater for training and capacity building of Indian Company Law Service (ICLS) officers and also provide capacity building support for the functionaries of the MCA, corporates and other stakeholders, to facilitate their becoming proactive partners in the country's corporate/economic growth story, appropriately equipped in terms of mind-set, skills and knowledge.

x)     Develop and establish a. new discipline, to be called ‘Corporate Affairs’ for holistic treatment and coverage all disciplines / subjects involved in or impacting on, corporate functioning, e.g. management, economics, finance, taxation, accountancy, law, regulation, compliance management, global business scenario, emerging technologies, energy, environment, ethical corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, inclusive growth, sustainable developments etc and evolve, develop and conduct degree/diploma/certificate courses and training programmes on 'Corporate Affairs' and its various components/ modules, so as to create a new breed/ stream of business leaders, chief executives, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, public servants and regulators for effective futuristic corporate leadership, management and regulation, in an increasingly complex, interdependent, and fast-changing world, Catalysing facilitating and nurturing thought leadership, for the world of today and tomorrow, would be an intrinsic part of this new discipline.

xi)     Develop IICA as a unique/first 21st century Institute for shaping tomorrow's business and regulation, rooted in new paradigms arising from the developments and requirements of this century, with capability to analyze possible future scenarios for enabling pro-active action today, new approach/methodologies for research and imparting/utilizing knowledge, focus on "learning skills for self-learning' rather than on 'teaching' etc.

xii)     Adopt strategies and take up activities in consonance with the Society's. objectives, to enable its' functioning as a financially independent, totally self-sufficient entity by the year 2016-17, so as to further strengthen autonomy and objectivity in internal operations.

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