Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of IICA consists of the following members of the Board of Governors:

i. Joint Secretary, MCA

ii.Smt. Veni Thapar, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant

iii.Shri P.S. Jaya Kumar, Ex Managing Director, Bank of Baroda

iv. Prof. (Dr.) Ram Singh, Delhi School of Economics

The Audit Committee of IICA overlooks the financial and overall performance of the Institute. It mainly covers the following aspects:

i. Examination of financial statements and auditor's report thereon

ii.Reviewing and recommending for approval the Annual Report of IICA

iii.Monitoring the financial performance of the organization

iv.Other such matters as they may arise

The Finance division is responsible for coordinating the efforts for calling and successfully convening the meeting of Audit Committee.

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