Board of Governors Meeting

The Board of Governors of IICA are vested with the general superintendence and control of the affairs and funds of the Institute. The Board is headed by the Hon’ble Secretary, MCA who also acts as Chairman for the meeting. The Board comprises of DG & CEO of IICA, senior MCA officials, senior officials from SEBI, Niti Aayog, CCI, IBBI, Institutional members of reputed institutions, corporate leaders, eminent persons etc. There were 3 meetings of the Board of Governors held during the financial year 2018-19 on the following dates: 17th April, 2018, 18th December, 2018 and 05th February, 2019.

The Finance division is responsible for coordinating the efforts for calling and successfully convening the meeting of Board of Governors. In each meeting, a presentation is made and delivered by CFO, IICA on the Financial Performance and position of the Institute and status of various legal compliances.

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