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An ICT Inventory Item “Entitlement Policy” for issue and allotment of ICT/IT Inventory items has been devised and formulated by the IT Services Division, in consultation with the competent authority, with a view to streamline the overall process of ICT/IT Inventory management. The IT Inventory Item Entitlement Policy as well as IT Inventory Exchange Policy is being adhered to, by the IT Services Division for issuance of IT consumables and Inventory items.

IT Entitlement & Exchange Policy

ii. EMAIL POLICY (being formulated)

iii. WEBSITE POLICY (being formulated)

iv. DATA & NETWORK SECURITY POLICY (being formulated)

v. STORAGE POLICY (being formulated)

vi. DOMAIN SECURITY POLICY (being formulated)

vii. USER ACCOUNT POLICY (being formulated)

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