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The department, at present is mandated with all services and activities pertaining to IT. Amongst the various activities, the division is engaged in; some of the prominent few are enumerated below.

i. Managing, monitoring and maintaining the entire Data & Voice Network infrastructure of the organization including servers, networks, LAN, WAN, switches, UTM, Lease Lines, Routers, Hubs, Wi -Fi Controllers, Access Points etc.

ii. Devising plans on basis of organizational structure and work flow with regards to technical and ICT aspect.

iii. Determine and assess the ICT requirements & needs of the organization from time to time, prepare estimates and submit proposals for the same to the management.

iv. Design, develop, install and operate information systems, including systems analysis, programming and operation support.

v. Analyzing well-defined modules within the system; developing enhancements and new features to existing systems.

vi. Strategize a comprehensive and robust plan for migrating the ICT infrastructure from outsourced cloud solution to a more secure and reliable in-house setup.

vii. Analysis of various informational problems in conjunction with personnel of organizational units and making recommendations on the feasibility and cost benefits of implementing information technology solutions.

viii. Arrange for technical evaluation on the acquisition of information technology equipment and services.

ix. Developing and maintaining disaster recovery plans.

x. Monitor and supervise the preparation, update and maintenance of system documentation, the development of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between the organization and IT service agencies/vendors, for either specific IT services or General IT support, including any charge back mechanisms.

xi. Conduct procurement exercise, including conducting needs assessments and benchmarks, preparing technical specifications and evaluation criteria.

xii. Monitor the set-up and monitoring of software and IT service performance measures.

xiii. Prepare a roadmap for setting up of a Knowledge Management System for IICA.

xiv. Managing, monitoring and supervising of all technical aspects of training rooms and classrooms including maintenance, upkeep, support, audit, operation and upgrade of all technical components installed in them.

xv. Managing all technical components of the auditorium including maintenance, upkeep, upgrade, support, audit, troubleshoot, operation and usage.

xvi. Providing and arranging for support for all technical aspects of any event organized by IICA including seminars, webinars, workshops, round tables, sessions, discussions, trainings etc.

xvii. Arranging and providing for support for all aspects of Virtual Classrooms including their installation, use, training and any associated component.

xviii. Generation/creation, maintenance and providing support for official Email ID(s) of IICA.

xix. Complete monitoring of the centralized Windows backup mechanism including regular submission of reports.

xx. IT Helpdesk – Provisioning of Day to day support issues related to all aspects of hardware systems including their trouble shooting, repair and replacement.

xxi. Carrying out audit exercises across the campus on a periodic basis to ascertain and verify the presence of hardware systems across the premises. Also, responsible for checking on the functionality and operational state of the same.

xxii. Application Development

xxiii. Software & Utilities - Arranging for making available all software, software suites, applications and utilities on demand basis for IICAs internal use. Also responsible for arranging for all basic software and applications to be provided along with all laptops and desktops. Further, to monitor the upgrade and license extension as required.

xxiv. Antivirus Security - Arranging for antivirus security applications to be installed across all systems in IICA including monitoring of their periodic upgrade, patching and relicensing as required.

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